Simmod Be Fabric İmage

Company Profile

SIMMOD offers the product of Saygi Tekstil  which is produced with hi-tech equipment, using fully automatic weaving machines to produce high quality fashion fabrics to  textile markets. The annual production capacity is over 5.5 million meters of fabrics woven on 150 looms.

Although Simmod produces plain woven fabrics, the company has the biggest in-house production capacity among the jacquard fabric producers located in Turkiye as well. In-house preparation department is equipped with yarn twisting, warping and sizing units, making SIMMOD a unique weaver of fabrics.

SIMMOD offers high quality fabrics, made of a wide range of natural, artificial and synthetic fibres such as Tencel, modal, cotton, linen, viscose, polyamide, polyester, elastane etc., considering our the main focus as: “sustainability”